New Hire Information

Congratulations on your new position, and welcome to Houston County School District!


Please watch the video below regarding your next steps for the on-boarding process.  At the conclusion of the video, review detailed information on your benefit options by clicking here: New Hire Benefits.  Also, scroll down the page to see additional important information for new employees.


Contact us with any questions you may have by clicking here: Human Resources / Benefits Office

New Hire Benefits Guide

Please click the image below to download the New Hire Benefits Guide.


Accessing Your Single Sign On Portal

Our district utilizes a system that enables users to enter their username and password one time for multiple websites and applications.  Instructions are below.


Accessing Your HCBOE Email

To access your HCBOE Email account, please go to  OR log onto – Employees Tab.


In most cases, your email address will be your name ( 



If this email address is already in use, then it will include your middle initial (



Your Password should be “Hcbe” plus your two-digit birth month and day: Hcbemmdd (be sure to capitalize the “H”).

Example:  Jane Doe’s birthdate is June 8 – the password would be Hcbe0608.


If you have any problems with your email account, contact the Technology Help Desk at (478) 988-6200 ext: 9999.


Absence Management

Reporting Absences and Obtaining Substitutes

All absences must be entered in Absence Management (AM), either by logging into the employee’s AM account on the computer, or by calling in to AM at (800) 942-3767.


When logging into Absence Management via computer, employees must go through the SSO portal, which will give you immediate access to your account.  No other login credentials will be necessary.


If you choose to log into AM via phone, the login ID is the employee’s 10-digit phone number and the PIN is the employee’s four- or five-digit employee ID number.




Accessing Your ESS Account

Your Employee Self Service (ESS) account allows you to view paystubs, W2's, change your address, and add emergency contacts.  To access ESS, employees should go through the SSO portal, which is located on the main HCSD website.  The “Log In” option is located in the top-right corner of the ESS screen.


Additional instructions on accessing ESS are available below.


Out of Zone School Attendance

All full time employees of the Houston County School District may choose the schools for their children to attend.  A full-time employee is an individual who is assigned to work four (4) or more hours each day and is eligible for employee benefits such as health insurance, sick leave, and retirement. 


As a newly hired employee, you may complete a New Hire Out of Zone Form with the principal at your school.  The principal will forward this to School Operations for approval.  Once an employee out of zone request has been approved, the child will remain in the school chosen for the entire school year.


All employees who reside outside of Houston County who bring their children to Houston County schools will be charged a yearly tuition as established by the Board of Education.


Should you have questions regarding employee out of zone or tuition, please contact Linda Hall in School Operations at (478) 988-6395.

Employee Discounts Available

Houston County Schools District employees have discounts available to them through various retailers. 

Check out the employee discount page located under Community Relations on SharePoint to review these great savings opportunities!