ShareCare, your wellness program vendor, provides comprehensive well-being and incentive programs for SHBP members.  As you complete your wellness activities, you will earn credits in your Health Incentive Account to help offset your medical expenses.  HDHP members must meet a portion of the deductible before well-being credits may be used.

All employees and covered spouses are eligible to receive a Well-Being Reward of up to 480 Well-Being Incentive Credits (960 family total) for completion of activities between January 1 and December 2.

Enrolled members can choose to redeem Well-Being Incentive Credits for either a $150 Visa gift card or 480 Well-Being Incentive Credits can be applied towards eligible medical or pharmacy expenses. Credits remain in your account until you decide how to use them.


Important Documents

You and your spouse may earn 240 in Well-Being Incentive points for completion of the RealAge Test and a biometric screening.  Once you have completed your RealAge Test, you may participate in telephonic coaching or online tracking to earn additional points.  For telephonic coaching, you can earn 60 Incentive points for 1 call in a calendar month (up to 4 calls a year).  You may also record items such as exercise and food servings on the Well-Being Connect portal and earn additional points. 

You and your spouse may earn a combined total of up to 960 in Wellbeing Incentive points. 

High Deductible Health plan members must meet a portion of the deductible before being able to use Well-Being Incentive points. You must meet $1,500 for individual coverage and $3,000 for dependent coverage before wellness credits are available. UnitedHealthcare is matching the first 240 in well-being incentive credits for employees.


Additional information on the program can be found by clicking here. A calendar of local biometric screening events is available here.

Steps to Wellness

Well-Being Incentive Credits are earned for completing activities during the plan year.  Below are the steps to take to start earning!

  1. Well-Being Assessment (Real Age Test): A confidential, online questionnaire about your health 

  2. Biometric Screening: Assesses your health

  3. Take Action with Coaching or Online Pathway: Phone coaching can earn you 60 credits for one call in a calendar month up to 4 times / year.  Online Pathways can earn you up to 120 credits within a 90 day period.  You can complete two events, for a maximum of 240 credits.

Local Biometric Screenings Available

HCSD employees enrolled in the State Health Medical Plan may take advantage of SHBP Biometric Screenings available in Houston County.


What is a Biometric Screening?

A biometric screening will help you to understand the state of your health so that you can take the necessary steps to improve it.  During the screening, a medical professional will collect several measurements — such as height and weight — and take a sample of your blood that will be used to determine your glucose levels and triglycerides.  The biometric screening does not test for illicit drugs, HIV/AIDS, or hepatitis, and individual screening results are not shared with your employer. 


Preparing for Your Screening

Here is how you can make sure to have a successful screening experience:

  • Although not required, we recommend fasting for at least nine (9) hours prior to your screening; this includes all food and drinks except for water.
  • Failure to properly fast may result in inaccurate blood test results. (If you have a health condition, such as diabetes or pregnancy, or any other medical concerns, consult a doctor before fasting).
  • Drink plenty of water to make it easier to give a sample of your blood.
  • Continue taking medications as prescribed the day of the screening.*
  • Arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Allow about 15 minutes for your screening.


*Follow your doctor’s instructions for taking your medications, including taking them with food if necessary.



Redemption Options

Employee and covered spouses can redeem 480 well-being incentive points in one of two ways:

  • A $150 Visa Reward Card that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted (expires one year after redemption)    OR
  • 480 well-being incentive credits towards eligible medical and pharmacy expenses (can be redeemed in increments of 120 points to HIA, HRA or MIA)


Members need to go to the ShareCare website to choose the redemption option preferred.  If members select to use the credits towards eligible expenses, the HMO reimbursement is done by check, and HRA credits are used at the point of service.

Gym Membership

To further encourage your well-being, HCSD pays for all benefit employees to receive a VIP gym membership to Max Fitness, located at 112 Sutherlin Drive, Warner Robins, GA 31088.

The board provided membership includes use of the gym floor, cardio equipment, locker rooms, and saunas. To start your free gym membership, stop by Max Fitness to sign up with your HCSD employee badge or call (478) 313-5225.


Employee Upgrade Options with Additional Services :

  • VIP Plus Plan or Family Plan